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About Vforum

Vforum® delivers your video-based message. Anywhere. Anytime. From training presentations, sales meetings and product launches to lectures and how to's, they're all accessible on your desktop and in the palm of your hand on your iOS or Android tablet or phone. Start viewing on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Lightning fast search helps you find answers when you need them.

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  • On your iPhone
  • On your Android
  • On your tablet and desktop

Why Use Vforum?
Vforum Features

Vforum is a multimedia delivery platform that can be utilized to review training presentations, sales meetings, product launches, lectures and how to's. Vforum delivers this content, anywhere, anytime, enabling users to quickly find answers when they need them.

NEW! Custom Quizzes

Vforum now supports multiple choice and true/false quizzes that can appear throughout a presentation to ensure that viewers are watching and absorbing the concepts presented. If a viewer answers a quiz question incorrectly, the presentation can rewind to a specific point and force the viewer to watch again or simply display a custom notification.

Get Up Close and Personal

Vforum on desktop and iOS devices allows you to zoom in to view details in the accompanying digital media without interrupting video playback.

Find It Quickly

Searching through a video to find something can be a tedious challenge. Vforum solves this by letting you search for words or phrases that appear on the slides or spoken by the presenter. Get right to the information you need. Fast!

Controlled Viewing

Vforum presentations have three options for viewing: Play Any, Play All and Play In Order.

Play Any allows random access to anywhere in a presentation. This option is best for content that's accessed for quick review of a subject.

Play All requires that the user view all segments of the video, in any sequence, in order to be recorded as complete. This option works well for mandatory training such as compliance training.

The Play In Order option is the most restrictive and requires chronological viewing, which is best for subjects that require building upon the knowledge of the preceding section.

Usage Tracking

Vforum Control is a cloud-based server that tracks each Vforum user's progress through a presentation. Since users have the ability to watch part of a presentation and then return later to pick up where they left off, Vforum Control stores which segment they last viewed. if they completed viewing a presentation and much more.


The Vforum team of programmers, artists and video experts can work with your organization to develop custom features tailored to your particular needs.

Success Stories
  • Zimmer Dental selected Vforum® as their distribution method of choice. Vforum® enables Zimmer to deliver vital information to their global sales force in a timely manner. Since 2008, Vforum® and Vforum® Live have been providing all Zimmer Dental employees with an archived, completely searchable presentation that can be accessed via desktops, tablets and smart phones.
    Zimmer Dental
  • In 2012, Communication Partners selected Vforum® as a superior method for distributing vital health benefits information. Using Vforum®, employees can search and instantly find the benefits information they are looking for. With Vforum® Control, the back end administrative site that governs each and every Vforum® presentation, organizations can administer employee access and quickly determine which employees have viewed the mandatory presentations.
    Communication Partners
  • The US Army Recruiting Command MOSnet website was developed to fulfill the need to deliver video content to recruiters in the field via desktop and mobile devices. MOSnet is a web application that allows recruiters to view Military Occupational Specialty videos as well as other recruiting information. The MOSnet site ensures recruiters have the most up to date content to share with potential recruits. In addition, Vforum® technology has been integrated for distribution of official messages from Command staff and to allow senior officers to verify these messages have been viewed by recruiters.
  • Vforum® was presented as a solution to the US Marines to access Improvised Explosive Device training material at any time, from anywhere in the world. Forty hours of training material was captured and placed in a secure online environment for Marines to refer back to in a time of need. The use of Vforum® is invaluable in allowing countless Marines access to everlasting IED training information at their fingertips.
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